Yofi Studio


Vejby scarf

Close to the house you will find Heather Hills. It is characterised by its small hills and valleys formed by the last glacial period. 

In the summer sheep are grazing on the green moor filled with pink heather. In fall and winter, the colors turn into dark brown and burned red colors. Every time you go the landscape astonish you.




Blik scarf

The end of the garden meets the slope towards the ocean. 180 steps down the stair you find Vejby beach. Sea buckthorn and rosehips grow here. 

Sometimes the beach is made of stones, sometimes it is pure sand. Sometimes the waves eats up the whole shore, making the stair from the garden go directly into the water.










Brise scarf

My family’s beach house is light yellow and made of wood planks. 

A light breeze is blowing, making the bathroom curtains dance. They wave at you, welcoming you from the beach.