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Yofi was established in early 2016, as we had a dream of creating a reinterpretation of the age-old, forever classic silk scarf. We wanted to create a scarf that can be worn by young and old, tall and small, slim and tubby – any woman who dares to experiment with style and personal expression. 

We are two young graphic designers full of love for beautiful things in life. Or just everything shimmery. In our never ending quest for making the world a little bit prettier the Yofi universe was born in an explosion of silk and pretty colours.

The production process takes place in Denmark. We hand paint every Yofi design, which is then printed on the finest silk in Aarhus. Our tailor in Copenhagen sews the scarfs, before the Yofi team finally and carefully pack the scarfs into pretty little boxes and send them off with a ton of love.

// Amalie Zeevi & Josefine Uldall
Yofi Studio



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